2019 Chinese New Year Celebration

On 11 February 2019, our Centre celebrated the meaningful festive Chinese New Year. The children came in their festive clothing and were in great spirits. We started off with a brief introduction on Chinese New Year by Shen lao shi and introduction on Lo Hei by Teacher Isabel. After the introduction, there was a Question & Answer session for the children to answer questions on Chinese New Year and Lo Hei. Ms Helen also invited the children to drop their SPD red packets into the box. Next, all the classes performed a dance item for Chinese New Year, starting from K2 all the way to PG. In addition, the K2 children also performed a Lion dance item for the Centre, whereby the children put on lion heads and led by the other children walking around, up the bench and form the word “吉”. The audience were enthusiastic and were eager to mingle with the Lion dancers. At the end of the celebration, the children went back to their classes for Lo Hei session. During the Lo Hei session, the children shouted many auspicious words that they had learned earlier as they toss the healthy Lohei full of apple slices, carrots and mandarin oranges.