2019 Chinatown trip

On 29 January 2019, our K2 and K1 children went on a Learning Journey to Chinatown to embrace the festive celebrations of ushering the Lunar New Year and to find out more about the history of the Chinese living in Chinatown. First, the teachers and parent volunteers brought the children in groups, walking down the aisle of the Chinatown streets to look at festive decorations, food and objects.  The children saw, red packets, lanterns, Chinese New Year snacks, Pomelo and Chinese paper cuttings. They were so amazed with the decorations and some also mentioned that their parents had bought them to decorate their home. After the visit at the Chinatown street, they went to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple for lunch before heading down to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. The children were in awe of what the people in the olden days did and how they lived in a small room. The children commented that their bedrooms were so small and dirty and that there were rats and cockroaches in their rooms too! The teacher explained that in the past, the whole family usually lived in the same room and some people also had to work in their small room, for example, the Chinese Physician would prepare the medicine in his room.

At the end of the trip, the children were very happy and they enjoyed the trip. We thanked our parent volunteers for rendering their great help to make this Learning Journey a success.