2018 Trip to Little India

On 13rd November 2018, the Kindergarten two children went to Little India by the MRT. They had a tour around Little India, Tekka market and the Hindu temple. The children for a walk around the market and they were introduced to many different types of vegetables and fruits that were more common in Indian culture. The children also went to the Hindu Temple, they followed the rules accordingly to take off their shoes and walk quietly into the temple. They watched how the Indians receive their blessings and had a tour around the temple. The children were curious and asked many questions in the temple. In addition, the children were also introduced to the food of Indian culture, for example Chili Bajji, Kesari, Thosai, Chapati and Poori. Lastly, the children also visited the Indian Heritage Center, they were introduced to some of the statues that are in Indian culture and they watched a video about how the life of the Indians. The children had a wonderful and fruitful trip at Little India with our special guest, MS Fong Bee Cheng.