2018 K2 visit to Mee Toh School

On 26th July 2018, the K2 children visited Mee Toh School to have a half day experience in a primary school setting. The children started off with a tour around Mee Toh School, guided by the two of the teachers there, Mrs Wong and Mr Chua. After the tour, the children went to the school library for a story telling session. While waiting, they explored the library books that were provided for them. Next, the children went to the school canteen to have their lunch. They purchased the food on their own, paid the money to the stall owners and carry their food back to their seat steadily. After they have finished their lunch, they were invited to join in the primary one English lesson with the students there. They experienced how the students there have their lessons and also had a chance to participate in their class activities as well as answering questions that was asked by the teacher. The children enjoyed themselves and they had a better understanding of what are they going to experience when they are in primary school.