2018 K2 Trip to Geylang Serai

On 11th June, a few days before Hari Raya, the kindergarten 2 children from Ci Ai Education Incubator visited Geylang Serai Bazaar. The children were all enthusiastic and excited when they reached the venue. Their teachers prepared a few questions for them to interview the stall owners to enhance their understanding of Malay culture. The questions touched on various aspects such as their food, traditional costumes, way of life etc.

Henna is a dye prepared from the plant used mostly by the Indian in the Arabian Peninsula. One of the children had her hand drawn with the henna pattern while the others watched curiously around her. The children visited stalls selling traditional Malay costumes and they began to interview the stall holders. Through their curious minds they found out the names of the costumes worn by the males and females, that is for Males – baju melayu accompanied with a songkok and Females – baju kurung. They greeted passers-by ‘Selamat Hari Raya!”. There were stalls selling carpets, decorative lights, more costumes and the favourite food of the children. The children had also the opportunity to try some traditional Malay cookies and snacks. Lastly, they bought some snacks before returning to the Centre.