Dragon Boat Festival

A year had passed and it had come to the time to celebrate the Dragon boat Festival again. This festival is also known as Duanwu Festival and is associated to the Legend of Qu Yuan. It has been held annually for more than 2,000 years on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month and is notable for its educational influence. This is why Ci Ai Education Incubator sees a need to conduct this celebration with the children annually.

This year, the celebration was carried out through a simple plan, meaningful presentation and fun activities as we have always believe that children learn best in a more interactive way.
We started off with some songs, followed by an introduction of the Legend of Qu Yuan, a video on how to make dumpling. Teacher Xiu Zhen had also shared the reason why we are celebrating the Dragon boat Festival. Next, the children took turn wrapping the dumplings – with K2 children being the first group to wrap the dumpling, followed by K1, N2, N1 and PG classes. While waiting for their turn to wrap the dumpling, the kindergarten 1 children watched video and the rest of the children went for some outdoor games.

The playgroup and nursery one children had a fun time hitting the piñata which was in the shape of a dumpling and was handmade by our teachers. They were so delighted to see packs of cookies falling off the broken piñata and faces were filled with grin when the teacher gave a pack of cookies to each of them.

The nursery two and the kindergarten children had fun racing the “Dragon boat ride”. The game is played in such that children of each class were grouped into two teams. Two children from each team were required to stay inside and hold on to the hula hoop, and walk from one end to the other end. The team that had reached the other end first wins the race. While the respective class played the race, the other children cheered and beat the drums.
The older children displayed enjoyment while the volunteer helpers guided them to fold the leaf and filling up the folded leaf with the rice. Most children watched attentively while the volunteer helpers were guiding their peers to tie the dumplings. The younger children may have yet to understand but we believe that this prior hands-on experience will help to build up their knowledge in the near future.

The centre ended the celebration with a food sharing of dumpling for their afternoon tea.